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The Team & Our Mission


Dillon Kohler

Founder & CEO

Marketing has always been a passion for Dillon. He knew at a very young age that owning and operating an advertising agency was his dream. He would always fabricate commercials, creative images, and music to connect to his audiences. It didn’t take long for him to combine sales and marketing strategies together to really start closing customers. He absolutely loves getting into the mind of a consumer and selling them on a product or service.


When Dillon isn’t in the office concocting new marketing strategies, he’s out with his family! He loves traveling internationally and has been to 33 countries. He also enjoys trying new restaurants, hiking, swimming, photography, and cooking. He doesn't shy away from a new experience and is always looking to explore!

Kelsey Kohler

Chief Strategy Officer

Kelsey is an incredibly intellectual individual who will analyze every decision with care. She has a passion for psychology and human behavior. Allowing her to psychoanalyze every strategy and message built for clients. Not only does she excel in reading people but she is very tapped into people's emotions. Emotional advertising comes naturally which is what makes Kelsey invaluable in a Marketing Agency.


When Kelsey isn't at the office, it can be difficult to find her! She is always traveling the world and diving deep into new cultures. Her favorite places to visit are Ukraine, Greece, Italy, and the Netherlands! When she is home, she's most likely relaxing in a pool, reading a good book, watching a movie, or walking the local trails enjoying the outdoors!

Kelsey Profile.jpg

Why House of

Strategies Was Founded

House of Strategies was created to help small businesses build a complete marketing system. Many agencies only provide a few services to their clients. It leaves the business owner with additional tasks to finish what was started. It can be complicated and costly to build everything correctly. House of Strategies is a one-stop shop for all your marketing needs. From the creative production to the back-end customer journey. Our marketing campaigns are cohesive, custom, and powerful for each business we serve. 

Our Core Values

Personable &


We work hard on building a quality relationship.  

Communication is a top priority and asking questions won't be intimidating or stressful.


& Transparent

Whether it's our services or your campaign we will be upfront and direct. We will be honest with our opinions and transparent with your data. You can put your trust in our services.

Devoted & Driven

Accomplish the clients goals and give 110%. We have a passion for our work and we are devoted to helping small businesses nationwide. 

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