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Business Branding

Starting at $1,000

Why Do Businesses Need Brand Guidelines


Ensures all marketing materials, from websites, to social media, to advertisements, are consistently reinforcing the brands identity and recognition.


Presents a polished and professional image, which can enhance credibility and attract customers. Consistency is also imparitive for the business image.


Streamlines the creation of marketing materials and communications by providing clear directives, saving time and reducing confusion. 

Brand Recognition

helps in establishing a strong visual and emotion connection with the audience, making the brand more memorable.


Safeguards teh brand's integrity by preventing incorrect or inappropriate use of brand elements.


Ensures everyone is aligned with the brand's vision and values, leading to more cohesive efforts in achieving business goals. 

What's Included?

  • 2 Hours of Consulting on brand guideline content and development. 

  • 12 Page Brand Guideline Book that includes (PDF): 

    • The Company's Vision & Mission​

    • Brand Pillars

    • Core Values

    • Brand Name & 3 Uniques

    • Audience

      • Primary and Secondary options​

    • Logo Guidelines

    • Brand Colors with a palet

    • Brand Fonts 

    • Photography & Video Guidelines

    • Iconography

    • Social Content

    • Website Content & Design

Don't run a business without basic guidelines for your content!

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